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Thats true you have no idea what someone has in their bank account. But you can tell what their prioritys are by the material things they have.2 0r 3 cars. An expensive home etc. Our priority is getting the most money for our services. Most of my customers want a nice looking lawn. They jusy don't want to pay to get it that way or keep it that way. Its my job to educate them to the fact that if they are going to hire me its going to cost them, because I have to make a living just like they do. Most customers try to keep the prices the same forever. Its our job to adjust the prices for market reality and inflation. Its a constant battle. It can make you very ill always fighting to get paid in the year 2000 prices. I don't mind paying a fair price for quality work. But some people just look at the bottom dollar until they see that the quality of the work sucks. But they never seem to relate that to the price they pay. PRIORITY, lawn work is usually last on the list. Its out job to make this job pay a decent living. This wealthier people are usually the harder they pinch a dollar. But if they really want something they will usually go out and buy the best. Boats, cars, houses, furniture. But for some reason they should get the yard work done for nearly free. Its not our fault they are living beyond their means.
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