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greenlawncare-Where did you come up with the fact that I charge my rich clients more?I charge everyone the same price!I think you did not get why I said he was rich.The reason I said that is becouse generally wealthy people are willing to pay good money if the services being offered are to their liking.I did not say that becouse he is rich he should have to shell out large amounts of money.I also don't think he is loaded I know it!He owns sevral bmw's and just trust me...He is loaded!!!!<p>-MR PLOW I think you know what I'm getting at.I don't know if he is try to get the other people next to him to get rid of me or if he is just trying to get a cheap price.I guess I will just try to service my clients the best I can and hpoe they will apperciate that!<p>from:Adam<p>AB Lawn Care
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