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I started with 5 large clients close together. I could park my truck and do all five. Since February I have added 4 more cllients in this area. Now I have to move my truck twice. ( no problem, only two blocks for my convenience). Point is that I told my new accounts that the price they received was because I was already there and could only give them this price for that reason. They understand that if had to come out to do their home only it would cost more. <br> I make it a point to talk with my clients at least once a month. Sometimes I work on Sat. just because I know they are at home and it gives me a chance to say &quot;Hi, how are you today?&quot; . Sometimes I will cut a particular lawn after 5:00 just to talk with the client. On average the whole converstation only last five minutes and during this time I try to give them suggestion to make their lawn look nicer. More work for me; more money.<p>Good luck. and maybe try to be the one to instigate communications with you clients<p>Ssouth
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