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hey jhon-<br>it all depends on what you're mowing; if you're doing the drop zone at Lahm airport you should get Ford's w/ a 3 pt. mower,or JD's 955, etc. If it's Meijer's, that's prety rough too actually- use a tractor type again. If it's relatively smooth, get some dixie's- they run great on flat, wide open mowing. There's one in Ohio Auto-RV the past few weeks. Suburban turbin with 2 20hp motors & a 72&quot; cut for $7600. 1998 model- not bad.<br>If you specify more detail about the grounds in question, we can give a better diagnosis. <br>The drop zone at the airport will eat a dixie or lazer, scag, etc. type mower for breakfast. Way too rough terrain.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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