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Originally Posted by Sean Adams
How can you claim that the SLT gate is "more prone to failure" than a gate system you created? A lot of money, energy, and research went into the development of this "system" - it is not merely a truck. I was not directly knocking your gate system, I was just saying it in general. But you say that because it has "many parts" it will break down - that's like saying an 18" reel mower is more effective than a 60" ZTR because it has more "parts
It is a nice unit, but I just don't think it is a cost effective option. My "homemade" gate system is more efficient and more cost effective. $1250 installed verses $6500 installed. And my unit is far from homemade. A manufacturing comany does a great job of fabricating the gate system. My gate does not have a hyrdrolic pump, fittings, etc. At a point something will need replacing.

And just because SLT is 30 minutes from your house how does that qualify you from proclaiming what is a better option? That's like me saying "Hey, I live 30 minutes from the Ford motor plant so I know Chevy makes a better vehicle." - Makes no sense....".
You made a comment assuming I have never seen one of these gates, when in reality I see them in use almost every day by Bass Custom Landscapes.

And finally, as I said before, I do not deny that a BRAND NEW Super Lawn Truck is not cheap. But you get what you pay for. If you look around you will see a lot of small and new business owners finance $40,000 trucks, buy $3,000 trailers, spend thousands on customizing their truck and trailer and that does not include the ability to have a rolling "advertisement" like the SLT nor does that set-up have the ammenities that the SLT has (carry multiple crew members, large fuel tank, gate system that turns into a work area, and so on.
I am just saying there is a more cost effective option. Design your own SLT and spend 25k instead of 50k.

And you said that the truck is something that is going to get "beat to hell everyday" - maybe that is how you choose to handle (or mishandle your investments) but many people in this industry take stellar care of everything they own.
I am going to disagree with you here. I happen to live in the real world. Whe you have other people running your crews, things do take a beating.

You cannot justify the statement in anyway that owning a SLT will not permit or allow a smaller company to turn a profit. It is all in how you manage (or possibly mismanage) your business. They key to turning a profit is efficiency. If someone can afford a SLT and they use it the way it was intended to be used, there are too many advantages to deny in owning one of these rolling businesses on wheels.

I'm not saying that a truck and trailer does not work.... I'm just saying that the SLT is a viable alternative.
Well what I am saying is build you own SLT and save 25k.

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