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Hello Gentlemen. I will try to get right to the point and not babble. However I must say I enjoy reading the postings and you all really crack me up. I'm posting this message because I have been listening to my other half talk about starting a landscape business for the past 4 years. He has been in the corporate world since graduating college and in short, it has not been good to us (relocation, no advancement, etc.). I have 13 years in the construction industry running various offices, from GC to all types of subcontracting. I know the financial side of it inside and out. I too have been dreaming of a company of my own for a very long time now. We are hard workers and have intense drive. After doing a market analysis and also reading alot of postings here, I do not doubt that the work is there. My dilemma - He wants to start part-time. We both agree that the focus is for company growth. Our goal is to get to the point of utilizing a crew before his body gives out. We are both in our mid 30's. I dont see the feasibility of starting part-time if you can't get your company to profitably grow within 3-5 years. If your going to do it, go for it whole heartedly! Also the mental stress on all of us (including our two boys) if he tries to hold down his corporate job and do this part time would be way too much. Another thought on this subject, I do not relish taking out a loan for start up. Anything he makes would be used to pay for the equipment, etc. We have a large amount of equity in our home. We can use that as a tool for obtaining capital. But we will be paying for that for a long time to come. We are here in NH due to a corporate relocation. Although we like it here, we have no family or ties, etc. We have an opportunity to move to NC (Raleigh area) and start a business with a partner. The start up costs (our portion) would come from some of the equity in our home. We would then own the equipment free and clear and perhaps see a profit sooner rather than later. Also its booming down there and the climate is right. I am sick, sick, sick of the cold, wet weather. Well thanks gents! Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Sheila
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