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Life is short. So if you really want to do this now is a great time. In my area demand is skyhigh for professionals in any craft. Put together a business plan and start slow. Don't rush out for the new truck and the latest and greatest equipment. Get equipment which is dependable and leaves you with a job you can be happy with. If this means a belt drive exmark to start fine. Get the business up and running get your feet on the ground and use the offseason to make decisions about the next steps. And check any ego's at the door. It can be a humbling experience in the beginning and it is easy to get sucked up in the need to present flashy appearances. The bottom line is if you look professional, speak professionally, and present a neat clean persona this is good enough. Do what you promise and remember that your a professional and at the end of the day you need to turn a profit. This concept will not work with all your customers. One way or the other they will become ex-customers preferably sooner than later. Try to have fun with it and remember no matter how tough a day it beats the corporate BS. Good Luck
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