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Southside - Anything helps. To be honest, I know he would luv the work. If the day dawns and itsn't raining buckets or total blizzard, he's outside. And when hes outside his hands are usually in the dirt. Ive just been hearing this dream for so long that we have to take the plunge now while the economy is so good. It would be more of a bummer to spend a few years as an apprentice, go to start your own and find out the economy is not so rosy? If we had started 4 years ago, we would be that much further along. Our viable financing when all is said and done, is the equity in our home. If managed right, and we both are working, it will work. That does mean selling though. And if were going to sell, why not just go where the season is longer. When it comes to plowing up here in the north nowadays, it doesnt mean much these past few years.....thanks for the advice
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