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Right, Grassmech, and like you I haven't had the need to use restricted use pesticides. I have had spray services come in for certain fungicide treatments, not because of the type of chemical but rather because of the scale of application - large trees, etc.

However, regardless of whether the chemical is or is not listed as being restricted, without a pesticides licenses in this state you cannot advertise that you provide this service. Like so many things, there's a hypothetical line where on one side you're legal to use non restricted chemicals without a licenses, but once you advertise - among other things - then you've crossed over that line.

It's not just that restricted use pesticides will harm the environment, there are many non-restricted pesticides out there that are pretty bad too, especially when not used properly.

Here is a great website to look up info on any pesticide.

And one to look up labels & MSDS
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