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MY story, for what it's worth. <br>Worked with a guy in the business (one day).<br>Pick his brain the next couple of days.<br>Bought a 36 gear drive and blower, ran an add in the paper, hung fliers and started with 10 lawns. This happened in July by the way. DO IT NOW the &quot;right time will never come.<br>I did keep the corporate job I had until March on the next season.<br>55 hours per week at job and days off with my business. I was in the best spirts because I knew the hard work would benefit ME.<br>Left the job after 15 years to mow grass. Crazy??<br>Now making more in seven months than I ever did with the corp. Co. car, bonus, benefits, and lots of B.S. I don't miss it.<br>I would not go the partnership route.<br>I you want to gain experience, start your business and get a job with another lawn company until yours takes off..<br>Just my opinions....good luck!!
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