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Sheila:<br>My advice is to drum up business before you plunge. May is kind of late to get a lot of business in the south but I'm sure you can get a few accounts.<br>The problem is that you are several hundred miles from N.C.. You can't drum up business from that far away. <br>I would consider the partnership if that is the only reasonable way to move. I love N.H., I spent 2 summers in Concord whilst in my college years. Never thought about it from a lawn care point of view back then. When you consider the ease of transition, doing this in N.H. may not be that bad. If you get enough accounts going you could probably work 8-9 months out of the year and push snow 2-3 months. Or go south for the winter. Add services like landscaping, pressure washing or whatever. It would be a leap of faith to leave your jobs and move.<br>I guess you have to gamble sometimes.<p>Remember that N.C. is not South Florida, the Burmuda grass does go dormant for the winter. If turf maintenance is your only trick then working in the south may not be a 12 month biz, or atleast not at full throttle.<br>Lots of luck whatever you decide.
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