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My wife actually started this business because my daughter wanted to earn some extra money. She told the kid to knock on some doors and see who might want their lawn cut.<br>After the kid got a few lawns a neighbor suggested an ad in the the local paper which covered our city and the surrounding suburbs. Next thing you know mom`s involved and they are up to about 20 lawns a week. Equpiment consisted of our own<br>old Snapper 21 in. mower, an ancient smoky Mclane edger,k-mart brand trimmer and blower<br>all hauled around in an old van. I had worked for others for many years and was sick of being told what to do by people that were less qualified than me so I also took the plunge. I picked everyones brain in the business and was lucky to have an excellent equipment dealer in our area who helped us update to better and better equipment and was always there with invaluable advice. To this day the company is still named after my bride<br>and our philosophy is to do quality work. Our prices are higher than just about everybody and as I`m typing this I just got a call back from an estimate that is at least $10 higher a cut than most of the guys charge around here<br>but he wants us based on how he was treated and that I actually showed up to do an estimate! Sorry to be so long-winded hope this helps.
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