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Originally Posted by majorjake
I'm buying either the 52" TT with a 23 Kohler or the 54" Hustler Super with a 25 Kohler this fall for next season. Most of the dealers and landscapers around my area use exmark exclusively from what I see. However, I did find a few Hustler dealers in my area so this would not be too big of an inconvenience as far as service goes if I went with Hustler.

As far as W/B's go, I don't think you could find a better pair of machines, however, I need to choose one and I've been leaning more towards the TT because of the higher blade speed and better cut. With the Hustler, you get 2 more horses and my understanding is the control system compared to the ECS controls are outstanding, unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to demo either as of yet.

Please tell me your thoughts and experiences with both of these machines.
I have a TT, love it. Demoed the Hustler wb, hated the controls. You'd think it would handle great, it sure didn't. Hope you like divots.....
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