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This is the reason I bought the 25/54 SWB over Exmarks and other.
1-you canít beat the controls on Hustlers walk-behinds for ease of use and comfort. And I can do a true zero turn without any divots, I think about anybody could with a little time behind the machine.
2- you can go from 0 to 8+Mph back to 0 to Ė6 Mph just by turning your wrist, I have run mine all day without my hands or wrist hurting.
3- the build quality is very good, and is very easy to service.
4- the spindles are cast iron instead of aluminum; you can replace the spindle bearings for about $12-16.00 each and can get them from most industrial or farm supply retailers, opposed to buying the entire spindle assembly from Exmark.
5-the way it was put together I knew I could keep it going as long as I wanted it.
6- the 20íí tires running about 10 pounds of air ride great and it will climb a hill like a goat!
7- it has plenty of power for any modifications that I may want to do.
8- you will have a hard time finding a mower that will out cut it.
9-I got a lot more machine, for a lot less money.
With the stock setup my SWB didnít cut like I thought it should, the high lift blades changed that real quick.
10- you have a one-gallon hydraulic reservoir compared to the one-quart that Exmark has, and you can put Mobil-1 in it if you desire. (I Run Mobil-1 in the engine and Hydro.)
11- I had intensions on modifying my machine before I got it, and it has the power to run doubles over 20,000 Fpm if I needed it to and mulch the heck out of leaves.
12-Couple a Hustler SWB with a BullRider sulky and a ZTR with the same size deck will have a hard time being as productive as you. Add an Accelerator catcher and you are good to go.
13- you have Hustlerís support on this site and they are second to none!
This cons of the SWB. Is the machine is long and can sometimes a pain in tightly landscaped areas.

Even though it has duel exhaust it is pretty loud.

It doesnít come with a parking brake standard.

After market parts are dismal to say the least.

If you have any questions you can PM me or give me a call.

All in all they are one heck of a machine, And well worth the money.

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