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Originally Posted by Scag48
Our Cat dealer is GREAT! I have to rent a 312 next week to do a job for a couple days. Our sales guy that sold us our machine also does rental as well, so when I need a machine to rent he always works with me to get it exactly when and where I need it. Turns out the price on a 312 went up from $425 a day to $460 and he said he'd give it to me for $425 just because we deal with them so much. I called today and turns out they don't have a 312 for me next week, it's been way busy around here and so he's giving me a 315 for the same price of a 312, $425 a day.

It's things like that that make me go back to Cat each and every time we need to purchase a piece or just to rent. There's no BS and as long as I give them at least a couple days notice, they have a rental machine when and where I need it, no questions asked. I get service and parts when I need it and I'm never more than 1 phone call away from my "go to man", our sales guy takes care of everything for us and I have to say that our dealer, NC Machinery here in WA has been spectacular as usual.

I've had lots of similar experience with the local CAT dealer here, I often rented 216 ssl's, last 2 or 3 times they gave me 226's for the same price as the 216. One time when I went to pick up a machine they hadn't got it cleaned yet, they gave me a discount because of a little mud. (I know I've returned it once or twice about the same way, and they never even mentioned about charging me a cleanup fee, and I was more than prepared to pay it.) When I mentioned to the rental guys about maybe buying a used one, they told me to let them know what/when, and they will get a couple brought in from other dealers in Ontario if necessary for me to look over and demo, etc. That in itself appeals to me, I really don't want to be driving hours and hours all over looking for a specific machine.
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