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Originally Posted by 1bsman
BobcatS250, Lewis moved all their operations to their Crystal Lake location. My experience with Lewis service and parts is terrific. When the Boomer went for its 300hr service, that is where I went. I have actually moved from MG to Sycamore. I know you are younger, but did you go to Glenbrook or Maine?
As far as the mini ex, I'm in the used market. Spoke with Atlas. They returned call a few days later and offered a couple of grey-market machines. No thanks. Volvo, receptionist took info. Salesperson called same day. I explained what I was looking for. He told me he would need to check around and would call back the following day. Do you think he called?
Anyhow, tested a low hour KX41 yesterday. Too small. I will be testing a mid 90's 325 over the weekend.
Let us know how it goes. Sorry to hear the Volvo experience didn't go well... I was under the impression that they were always eager to get out their name. You could potentially try out a Deere early-build mini-ex, like a 27C ZTS for example, by way of West Side Tractor or Buck Bros.

I went to Glenbrook South. Loved it tremendously.
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