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How Much is Enough Horsepower?

One of the mowers I am looking at is a Gravely 144Z with a 17HP Kawasaki. 17HP for a 44" cut mower does not seem like enough Horsepower. They do not have a 19HP model on hand. I would not be opposed to a larger machine, but the ones they have on hand are Kohler powered. After what I've been through with US engines recently I'm not currently keen on a Kohler or B&S in my next machine.

Some of my cutting is tall grass in the spring and Bahia grass in the late summer and fall. If you've never cut Bahia grass let me tell you that it can be really hard to cut.

Is the 17HP Kawasaki on a 44" cut machine up to the task for my needs?

Thanks for sharing your experience,
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