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I had thought of doing the same thing, but I had pangs of guilt that stopped me. Barely.

I had even come up with a numbering 'system' so that if anyone ever asked - "why do you have trucks with numbers much higher than the # of trucks you have", I would have a logical explanation.

For example:

First digit is vehicle type:

1 = pickup
2 = small dump
3 = large dump
4 = skid loader

Second digit identifies the number of the vehicle in that category

1 = First vehicle in that category
2 = Second...
3 = 3rd...

So your first pickup would be numbered '11'

Still might do it. JAA hit the nail squarely on the head. Perception is reality.

Here's another freebie tip - wear a hat. Not a ball cap. Check out my website, the planting page. I'm the one in the Panama Jack style hat.

You don't even know how many people have seen me or my guys so many places that we've never been, because they saw the hat. And then said "There's that Stonehenge guy."

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