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i belong for a year in INdiana for 300$. I didnt renew after a year, they didnt do me any favors, and after i didnt renew they begged for their plague back for a year, saying it belong to them and i can no longer display it or promote being a BBB member, like i bragged about it the year i was a member!

Then a few years later the plow truck starter froze up in a parking lot, during a moajor winter storm and i had the truck sent to a garage and they told me i would have it back within a day and a half, because i was willing to pay for it be up and running, anyway on the 3 rd day we went and bought one and put it in on their lot be the jackasses never attempted to work on the truck yet. so i fileed a bad report with BBB on them, it was 4 months before i recieved a call from the manager on his complaint, by then i said the hell with tthem i was not returning his call because you know he would know nothing about it and i have no intentios of dealing with that shop again

So the BBB is not one organizations i care to deal and is a waste of money for the little man, for 300$ thats a lot of advertising to be spent elsewhere.
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