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We have offered to our customers prepaying for the entire lawn season and we knock off one mowing for an incentive. We weren't sure if anyone would go for it, but to our amazement we have generated alot of interest in prepaying.

However, they are asking if they should pay for just mowing and not the rest of services (fert., mulching and cleanups or any planting) they can be billed separate. I am not sure about this, any advice?

also we counted the weeks (from start date to finish date of mowing) which we calculated to be about 27 mowings. One of the customers asked us what happens if it rains for a week and you skip a week of mowing? Any advice on this question? We are new to this prepaying, but have heard quite a few landscapers do it and its a nice idea to have the $$$ in the bank.
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