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Originally Posted by CrewCutEnterprises
Well, Mbrp exhaust and a AFE stage 2 intake system

It helps, Its a single rear wheel f350 with a dump insert. I am going to look into a 4700 or 4900 Int.

Anyideas how to find out US DOT rules and how to get a DOT number for your truck? Also how much weight puts forces you to use a cdl?
O so thats how you get 18 mpg.

Online filing for the DOT number. Takes 20 minutes. 5 days later you get your paper work. But the rules, I have no idea. I wish some one would tell me.

You need one for your F-350 if its towing a trailer. From what I have been told. A buddy of mine was pulled over in his Dodge 3500 with 18' trailer for not having a DOT number. Its only one set of numbers for each company.
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