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F935 problems

I have a 1991 John Deere F935. It has the Yanmar 3 cyl. diesel. It has just quit running for no aparent reason while mowing the other day. I had first thought it to be the filter because it was leaking a little and had not been changed since last year. When I removed it alot of nasty water like stuff ran out of it, which wasn't unusual. It wasn't that. I then thought it was the injectors. I removed them, cleaned and replaced their seals springs and washers. Wasn't that either. It is getting fuel to all cylinders, it is getting plenty of just turns over and over and over. I even tried a little starting fluid...still nothing. I don't know where else to look. Could the mechanical pump be not pumping enough pressure? Is the fuel bad? Are the cylinders not holding enough pressure, (I.E. head gasket or rings)? How do I check the fuel? How do I check the cylinder pressure and what PSI should it be? I have a pressure tester for gas engines but will it work on diesel? Any help is greatly appreciated! Doug
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