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Tip Of The Day - 8/30/05 - Laying A Gravel Path

Landscapes often times need paths for directing traffic and providing access to various parts of the property. Be sure to choose your path material wisely. Here is a simple example of how to lay a gravel path.

1. create your border with edging (could be stones, timbers, etc..). Put down landscape fabric to stop the weeds from popping up and pour a base of sand or crushed rock over the fabric.

2. rake the sand or crushed rock over the area in a uniform manner to 1 inch thickness - as you rake wet the material with a fine mist of water.

3. tamp the wet base a few times, making sure it is packed down firmly.

4. spread gravel at least 2-3 inches thick and rake it evenly over the base and then tamp the gravel firmly into place...

Nothing too difficult but can certainly add to a landscape and can make access a lot easier as well.
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