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Originally Posted by f935boy
It all makes sense! While I was tinkering with the fuel filter and injectors, I started to remove the pump just to look at how it works and possibkly clean it out. I removed the 4 bolts that hold in onto the side of the block but I couldn't get it all the way out. It felt like it was hanging up on a shaft or a gear or something? So, I just put it back in place and bolted it down. I turned the tractor over after that and it squirted fuel out of each of the three ports on the top so I thought it was back in the right place. But, did I somehow move a gear or ?????? That would explain the timing. I have not had time to look at it or get into the book to see how to set the timing. I'll let you know. The timing thing also explains why it wouldn't start with starting fluid. right?
Your right. If the engine was out of time it would not start even on starting fluid.
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