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Not being in the mowing buisness, I just can't understand not being able to know how many times you are going to mow in a season. If the grass isn,t growing, I'd take the blades off and just go out and make noise. The way I handle discounts is to add them to every quote before it gets to the customer. In this industry everybody want's to believe the can get something for nothing. We go to every client with this in mind and are able to give them the illusion of a SPECIAL discount and don't mind when we have to give this up. When you know what you need on a job make sure you get it or don't take the job. It is the same thing as car dealers do when they give you low finance rate or cash back, it's built into the price and they pretend to give you something special when they know they can sell it to you for that in the first place.
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