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Originally Posted by Joe'slawnmowing
hey smalltimer, got a question for you on the 180, ive got ones going by the #'s it was built in 88 well it wouldnt start a few weeks ago (only use it with a snowplow) and it wouldnt start, so i put the large jumper charger on it and crank that baby up and smoke shoots off the positive terminal, parts manual says there should be some 20 amp fuses but where are they i cant find it, also the battery had to be jumped last winter so i know it has a leak but have no clue where

also had the transmission rebuilt last year after i burned all the gears out on 14 inches of snow

im thinking of hunting down a 185 with a hydro on it and keeping the plow and weights and selling the tractor and deck (which wont remount correctly, since i bent the mounts on the front from the pressure on the snow plow
bad connection will cause heat which in turn causes smoke, take a voltage meter & stick it on the pos. terminal put the other end down thru all the gunk to get a real good connection at the solinoid, turn the key, what ever your meter shows is your voltage drop (lost voltage under load is different than no load) if its not zero, you need to clean or replace your cable, do the same thing solinoid to starter, then do the same test on the neg. cable. usually its just corrosion on the terminal, take them off & clean with a wire brush & then mix some baking soda & water pour it over the connecters. cleans them right up. also keep in mind that the mounting on the solinoid is also the ground for the relay to operate.
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