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I can go and get my own wood for $10 / full cord on a couple of different connections that I've got within 10 miles of my house. 2 different people have about 80 acres that's all dying out from oak wilt.

This is what I do in the winter when I'm not plowing.

It takes about 2 months, working 5-6 hour days with 2 people to get 40-50 cords down and hauled home.

I've got a 16' dump trailer where we can haul 3 full cord / trip, so we usually just haul one load a day home, or leave it until my wife has to work during the day, and my dad babysits, then I run 4-5 loads home that day.

I can also get it hauled in like Buck, but down here it's getting to be $90-100 / full cord in 8' lengths, so it's starting to get to be to the point where that isn't really profitable.

Last year it cost me about $75 / full cord after collecting the wood and processing it, and then about another $30 / full cord this year to deliver it, with how diesel is.

My normal run is about 100 miles round trip, but I usually do 3-4 stops / trip, so it's not too bad.

Here is what I use to make the wood.....
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