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Originally Posted by muddstopper

How about a little info on that machine or a good link. I have been considering firewood sales for some time now. When I am seeding development roads I always see lots of logs that have been left by the grading contractor. These log piles adverage 2 to three cords and sometimes a lot more, if processed, each. Most of the times the logs are laying beside the road an easy pickup with a knuckle boom loader. The developer cant get anyone to remove them so they just lay there until they rot or a new homeowner decides they need a little firewood. is where I bought my machine from.

It was a year old with 200 hours on it. $43,500.

New they're around $55k.

There are different brands, just as mowers that are cheaper, but after looking at all of them, and comparing, you still just get what you're paying for.
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