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I use a 2-cycle Toro 21" and it has plenty of power. Yes, I would match the 4.5 2cyc. against the 6.5 anyday. One can not just compare the hp in this case since the 2 stroke is going to have more torque than a comparible 4 due to the nature of a 2-cycle engine. That particular Toro (4.5) is lighter than the 6.5, and will cut on inclines without risking burning the engine up like on a 4.5 since oil is mixed with the fuel. It will cut thicker grass than the 6.5 in my opinion. The only down sides of that mower is that if anyone puts unmixed fuel in it = destruction. Also, cant have it in California due to emissions regulations. Some states are looking to ban them in the future as well. For me, those were not concerns.
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