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Originally Posted by bobbygedd
when johnny sips it, and realizes it tastes just like a $2 shake, he'll never buy one. the $5 milkshake stand, don't stand a chance.

I disagree. Compared Fudrucker's prices to McDonald's 99 cent menu lately?
Compared Ferrari/Lamborgini to Corvette's lately?
What happened to the el'cheap'o YUGO. This was the vehicle EVERYONE could afford, yet NO ONE has one.

I would rather do 20 lawns at $35 ea for $700, rather than 30 yards at $25 ea for $750.

20 lawns at $5 ea cost me $100 out of $700. Leaves me $600.
30 lawns at $5 ea cost me $150 out of $750. Leaves me $600.

Right, wrong, or indifferent?
What works for me and my crew, may or may not work for you!
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