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I try to pick my customers that don't want to just keep up with the "Jone's". I'm trying to find the "Jone's".

Who in the world wants a $5 coffee from Starbucks? If you're not concerned about paying $5 for coffee, you're not concerned about paying $35 for lawn service when the competition is charging $20 or $25.

It's all about social status. If the Jone's down the street are buying Ferrari's, and stop every morning at Starbuck's drive-through on the way to work, others in the neighborhood are going to try and keep up with them.

I gained an account the other day simply because he was the only one on his street that mowed his own lawn. It's amazing how people just want to fit in with others.

Point is, If you can entice the "Jone's" into your business as a regular customer, you can't fail. Sure, you can't have everyone, but everyone can't keep up with the "Jone's".
What works for me and my crew, may or may not work for you!
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