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Not curious but not cheap either

Originally Posted by Nosmo
I was in Las Vegas last October and a group of us went into the Harley-Davidson restaurant for something to eat. Didn't order a $5.00 malt but -------------- I had a hamburger, french fries and a coke. Can't remember the exact amount but it was just under $19.00 not including the tip. One of my friends had a soft drink and a chicken fried steak and his tab was about $35.00. I wasn't curious about how his steak tasted though.
Not curious? Was it good or did he complain about it ??? Vegas you can eat for next to nothing in most casinos but yet you choose to go to a place that charges quite a bit [$19.00 for a burger] Why? convience, I doubt it you went becoase you wanted to go to the only place that sells Harley burgers, The Harley Diner. You could have left when you seen the prices and went and had a steak for $5 but you WANTED to be there. Marketing is why you went and why you stayed. Can't get a Harley burger at a yamaha dealer.
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