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We are transfering the cost of using a uniform rental shop to our ewmployees this season. In the past we basically swaped services and it was virtually an even-steven swap.

This season our employees will have the option of $15 week for 5 pairs of pants or they can buy their own pant/short attire. We do not tolerate rips or soiled linens to be worn on the job site.

Company shirts and caps are provided, and must be worn at all times. For the new guys we will hire thru a temp agency for some of the bids we have received for this summer, they will get the $3 AC Moore ashe grey t-shirts. These shirts will basically match the company uniform without the logos, and will be a way for clients to know who is full time and who is seasonal.

As far as footwear is concerned, we reimburse for 50% of the cost of the boot up to $75. We will also be providing Carhartt jackets and bibs this fall to those employees who have been with us for over 3 years. Company sweatshirts are available to all, but the final paycheck is with-held until we receive them back.

Hope this helps you Stone.
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