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Originally posted by GeoffDiamond
Some of you guys that that give employees up to 15 dollars for pants. If you figure the cost of jeans are around 18 to 40 dollars a pair, 15 dollars doesn't go very far. Just IMO.
Geoff I just wanted to clarify a little bit more on this. I offer them the opportunity to use our linen service for $15 a week.

This will give them 5 pairs of pants at their disposal and they wont have to worry about the washing factor. We also have a pricing structure for those that wish to have a maximum of 10 pairs., Otherwise they can purchase their own britches as long as they meet company standards at their own expense.

This is why I have given them the option for the $15 because it is MUCH cheaper than the alternative as you stated.

Hope this clears things up a bit.
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