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We offer prepays based on a 28 cut season, 7% discount, payable by April first. This is our 3rd year offing prepay and have about 20% of our mowing gross prepaid. We offer no discounts for missed mowings and no extra charge for additional mowings. Over a 3 year period, we have stayed right on our 28 cut average. We do, however, mow fertilized lawns twice per week in spring, and every 10-14 days during mid summer. We have found that we can mow a lawn twice per week in spring in less time than we can deal with the extra clippings from once per week service. This also allows us to mow in the rain in spring without a clumping problem. To make a profit in the mowing business, its not how many times per year you cut the grass, its the total time per year spent mowing. We set up a spreadsheet for each account, showing the yearly budgeted hours, average hours per visit this year, budgeted hours by week of service, and actual hours to date. Our crew leaders then have the information to adjust mowing frequency late in the year to make sure we stay within budget.
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