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Originally Posted by Rwise10230
After careful review of the demo information, I feel that this software is extremely too expensive for the small to medium LCO.

While the program seems to flow very well and has plenty of features that may provide a more professional appearance, I cannot buy into a senario that the software will save you money.

Other scheduling software on the market enable me to have the same features for $1,000!
the marketing features alone is worth the cost.
a 'small' company will definately save $$$. your office will be so much more automated that you will not only save money on office labor but you will increase revenues by having much more time to sell your services to new customers and increas revenues on upsells to your existing customers.

look at it this can apply fertilizer with a push spreader. you can apply to many more accounts with a ride-on type of machine.

really no difference. buy a cheap push spreader and do a few a larger more expensive motorized ride on spreader and do many more lawns.
buy a cheaper software and get things a more expensive software and get much more done
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