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Advise on first lighting install please

I have a customer that wants me to design a lighting system and install it since we are redoing her front landscape now. I have only worked with the Home Depot cheap lights that I built into the risers for my deck steps. I am going to install a Unique system with a total of 9 lights and the cost of lights, transformer, 250' of 12 gauge and 2 equilizer kits is $1129. One of my questions is how much do you guys mark up your materials on a lighting job of this size and how long would you estimate the install to take. I am estimating it to take about 5-6 hours total for two of us. The breaker box is in the garage and there is already a 3/4" hole coming through the brick to the outside. I am planning on having a electritian come out and wire up a dedicated GFI outlet inside the garage for the lighting system.

The manager where I will buy the materials from told me yesterday that up in New Jersey guys that install lighting are taking a $1500 system and selling it for around $5,000 but he said that in our area that would be very hard to sell it for that cost.

Any suggestions on markup and time it might take since this is my first install and I would be using the Hub method if this helps.

Thanks alot guys
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