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I don' do too many new light jobs any more used to bid by the fixture 100.00, the transformer 1$ per watt (so 300 watt transformer =300.00) and 1$ per ft of wire installed. I would caution you on a couple of things I do remember. Unique transformers seem to burn out lights faster after one light on a line goes out, you better get it changed pronto or the others will be burnt out very soon. Also they did'nt have some safety rating because of the higher taps 15-16-17 etc. Customers get angry when the garage burns down. In general be sure your voltage is correct not more than 12 at the first light on a run and not less than 9.9 on the last one, and please use halogen bulbed fixtures 6,000 hrs vs 600 hrs. If you have access to F/X products I would highly recommend them. Unique has been good about replacing bad transformers but I have to mail them in and F/X will go to my job site and swap out a bad transformer, I just have to make a call. Nightscaping and Vista are also crap IMO, every time I do an evaluation the tap says 12 and its putting out 11.7 Vista has copied most of F/X's innovations and Nightscaping has'nt ever had an innovation, I really don't like those tin box's that never go back together quite right(and fuses? who still uses fuses?) F/X fixtures are the best 10 yr warranty and don't really need it, the finishes hold up great. I rarely come across a good light job when I am bidding new maintenance accounts. Hope you do better than most. Go to I bet they will have some good info on site even if you cant get their product, Try to ignore the goofy fixture names, they are trying to get the architects on board to spec. in their lights. The guy that owns the company started out as a lighting installer in the early 80S so he knows the field end of business. And they are made in USA
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