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Cool to see you using Pro landscape, it's a great program. If you want security, some area or path lighting would be in order. What is the security issue? It looks like the house is set in the woods and I wouldn't think security at the front of the house would be the real issue. Perhaps you could approach it as a safety issue and light accordingly. Do you plan on using well lights or bullet/directional lighting for your uplights? Most clients prefer a softer lighting effect, rather than too brightly lit, like a store front. That center light may be better if pulled back and a tighter beam on the vent above the window. Even a fixture up close will have light wash into the window and cast strange shadows if pointed straight up. That's why you need to have extra lamps in different beam spreads and wattages to tweak things for the right affect.

You say you are doing the planting also? If you would like to offer the types of plants you are using, we may be able to tweak it a little to work better with the lighting, if you don't mind. I'm sure you are working within a budget, so your selections may also reflect that. I see an existing post light by the front door. Will that remain and be used as part of the lighting scheme? And I hope the trash cans are staying by the front door, if they are you need to create some sort of enclosure. They are ugly!

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