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Originally Posted by Tommyclarkwtx
Not sure if any one already posted it but do not put your blower down between the truck and trailer you will forget it is there and crunch goes blower
LOL I have done this, when it happens you need to get a JACK to lift the trailer off your blower and no matter how bad it looks, it can be fixed but the parts are not cheap. In my case I had to replace the turbine shroud - 60 dollars.

By the way, to save money I buy Synthetic Blend instead of pure synthetic (blend is 80% pure but about half the price) of grades 10w-30 also 5w-30 and 10w40 ONLY when it is on sale and most of the time I get it at Big Lots. They don't always carry it but when they do it's around 1.90 / quart (vs. 3.25+/quart at the Auto Store).

NEVER run a standard oil, always run a synthetic oil of some kind - This helps prevent engine seizure (at least run it in the mowers, I would run it in my truck but it leaks).
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