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Kirk thanks for the advise. As for the path lights she does not want to go that route because of her dogs being walked on a leash and fears that they will get tangled in the lights and rip them out.

She saw the pictures and liked what she saw, now I just need to price the materials and labor. She only wants to price out the middle and right side of the house for now which is where the new landscaping will be done by Monday hopefully.

My materials price comes up to $964 for the 500watt transformer, 7 lights that come with the wire caps with the dielectric grease in them already, four different types of lenses, one hub and 250' or 12 gauge wire. I will have a electrician come out and pull a new GFI circuit from the breaker box which cost me $125 and I mark up to $175 or $200.

I figure it should only take us 4 hours tops for two of us to install tops. How much do you guys mark up your materials on a small job like this? I do know that I will need to be there at dusk to re aim and adjust or move some lamps around and or try different types of lenses. I think that I will try to get the dealer to let me take a different type of lamp just in case I want to swap out and see how it looks versus what was speced for me.

Does $2282.40 sound like to much or to low for this job. 7 lamps, one 500 watt transformer, 250' 12 gauge wire, one hub, new GFI breaker and labor.

I know that we are in different markets and it is hard to say if a price sounds good when it is 200 miles away but I appriciate any info you have and can still give me.

Thanks all

Oh yeah those Frog fixtures do look nice. Do you have any dealers or is it mail order only?
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