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Justin, figure out your materials, and I mean all of them, the labor, your overhead a add on the percentage of profit you wish to make. That is the best way for you to get and give a fair price. Your price sounds reasonable, but I do not know your costs and profit. Once you get the lighting in they will want more, if they can afford it. I see your point with the dogs, but isn't that why they are on a leash, to be trained? What tools do you already have and which ones do you need that will make the job easier. Make sure you have spare wire, wire nuts, ground staples and anything thing else you may need. If you run your hub wires along the foundation, they will be easier to bury and in a safer place. Shouldn't you be running more than 1 hub? I hub for each area and homeruns back to the transformer. Is 500w big enough for expansion, because they will be impressed and want more.

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