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gotgetter -

Once you've been down the uniform road a ways, you'll see why I was putting this question out there.

With safety equipment and uniforms, every one of my employees costs me $150 before they even work 1 minute. then, get some guys that stop showing up after a couple days, or ones you have to fire after a day or two, and then you have 2 headaches: collecting uniforms, and/or paying again for more uniforms for the next guy that you hope works out for more than a day.

If I hire 5 guys, I'm spending $750, before they even start. It starts to make my P&Ls look ugly, and as any business person does, I try to make my numbers look better, so I get out of the uniform biz and into the landscape biz.

Good luck with your biz and with crossing the 'uniform bridge' when you get to it.
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