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Originally Posted by JonHolland
As a ditchwitch enthusasist (look at my signature), I'd still be wary over buying this. The reasion being that for its cost you could probably get something like a Toro Dingo which is a proven performer in doing those tasks (or it may even cost up in the fullsize skid category).

Ditch Witch tends to use unusual engines (Duetz, Pettit-Lister) which can be hard to get parts for, though their dealership (while very expensive) has been able to overnight us any parts we might need.

EDIT: Just saw it uses a Kubota engine...Perhaps Ditchwitch is moving towards more conventional engines now. Thats good.
It has a Kubota 28HP motor and a very unique turet excavator system and uses fly-by-wire controls. Very stong unit and yes, if very small space is an issue then get a mini-skid steer (SK350, SK500, SK650) but this is not a mini-skid steer. think of it as a full size bobcat on tracks with a built in Mini-Ex.
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