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Ask the right questions before buying

Drafix has a very good support staff. But the upgrades which should have been free was nonexsistant. For instance, we purchased there software three years ago. We do alot of commerical retaining wall systems and we prefer Versa-Loc retaining wall systems. We wanted to incorporate there tech data into our bid sheet. It was in DWF format, to our surprise the program would not open. It was supposed to open many other formats including DWF. We called Drafix support and inquired about our problem. They told us that the filters was outdated and we would have to upgrade to a newer version of there software. Something just didn't fit in my conversation with that company. He was very short with me and almost down right rude. So I made some calls around to other software companies and they explained many things that I didn't know when I purchased there software. We then purchased other design software and the regular upgrades are free including the filters.

If you do large commerical jobs and need Auto Cad designs incorporated into Pro Landscape, make sure Drafix will support newer file viewers. I do have to admit that there 3D images of plants and trees are just about the best on the market today.
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