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This is a Sore Spot with Me

From the Employees Perspective:

I understand the issue of spending money on uniforms for me, an employee that may only last a day or three. I also understand that if you (employer) want me (employee) to wear something that I would not normally wear, supply it, otherwise I will wear what I feel is comfortable and appropriate. What I wear does not affect my work ethic one bit. I will still be to work on time, do what I am supposed to do, and do it right the first time because I don't want to have to find the time to do it again later. Furthermore, I have no interest in paying YOU to make ME your walking billboard.

From the Employers Perspective:

I have an issue with spending money on uniforms for an employee that only lasts a day or three. I want you to look professional and like a team member. I want the customers to know you are part of the crew and neighbors to be able to see the name and phone number of the company so we can serve them also.


There is a way to recover your issued uniforms should an employee quit or not show up for work. It is called an "agreement". The perspective employee signs an agreement prior to employment that he will return all issued property (uniforms) to the company in order to pick up his last pay check. You can reissue everything but the hat to the next employee. (Getting a used hat would just be flat out disgusting!)

Unless you want them in a specific color or style pant, you issue only shirts and hat(s) since they have to wear pants anyway. Give them one freshly washed clean shirt each day for the first week. (The only issue to this could be soap allergies.) If they don't show up the second day you are only out one shirt and hat which you should get back in order for them to collect their pay check on pay day. If you want to give them some money toward a certain type of foot wear that is an option also. Maybe it may give you a reduced rate on your insurance, but knowing insurance companies, probably not.

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