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Originally Posted by M RASCOE&SONS
thats a nice machine ,you should advertise processing for other people in the business and charge them by the amount of cords you do for them.i say this because my suplier rents his machine and operator out to other companies and gets $45per cord with a 200 cord minimum.with your costs for collecting, processing ,and delivery being $75 and $30 =$105 its gonna take alot of wood sales to make the money back .just talk to some of the wood guys and you might be able to even get som good logs plus the pay for each cord.

Yes, you're right, but all the other guys around here have them as well.

Maybe not as new of a machine, but a processor none the less.

I'm not looking to get rich with it soon, just looking for something that'll let me be able to produce wood until I'm 70 or so without too much labor.

Right now the firewood business is funded more by the snowplowing and lawn service.

I realize that with the $60k or so I've spent on my set up over the next 5 years, that I could have just put the money in the bank, but with a machine like this, and still being in my early 30's, I'm able to get it paid for, and then keep the money down the road.
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