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Originally Posted by rosolar
I am interested in purchasing a 2001 walker w/ 1220 hrs. on a 25hp. Mower seems to have been maintained very well, The owner said the engine was rerung. What is "rerung"? Will this be a money pit or a good opportunity to get my 1st walker for decent $.


Don't worry about a Walker engines. They are the weakest part of that machine. Because they are so enclosed and low to the ground they run hot and don't last but 1200 to 1500 hrs. I have a 1993 that i just retired because I retired from mowing. It went through more motors than I can remember over the years.

Replacement complete long blocks can be purchased from Northern Tool by special order with a two year guarantee. They will bolt right in and clip right to the wiring harness. It takes about 45 minutes to change one out. My experience has found total long block replacement is the best way to go. Rebuilt engines don't last, Maybe because of the high heat build up in Walker's motor compartment.

Look for good hydro controls and Gear boxes. It is the wheel drive Gear box that is the most expensive part to replace. If they are good, you can rebuild the mower completely for around $ 3,000 and get another 5 to 6 years out of it. Walker are easy to rebuild because they are Jig Made and most parts can be purchased direct from the original manufacture that sold them to Walker.

When I sold out to my employees They bought all my newer Walkers and Left me with a 1997 that I how use it to mow my own grass and spread Fertilizer. As a back up I kept the 1993 and will one day put an other engine in it.

BTW I also have a 1999 GHS model that I would like to sell but no one bags grass here in Florida any more. It has around 500 hrs on it and is garage kept. I will put it on E bay this spring. I used in only for Verticutting and occassional back up.

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