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Originally Posted by rosolar
Thanks for the replys. Other options I know the mower has is 9.5 hopper, speed up kit, heavy duty blower chute, flipup deck. fluids changed every 50 hrs. how much would the replacement engine roughly run? would you suggest a different engine(26efi) or would that make the installation way more difficult?


First thing when I bought my last new 2004 Walker I got the 20hp because we only used 42" decks only and I wouldn't have to fool with a the computer chip that the 26EFI needs to run. True the 26efi has more power and IMHO more maintenance that I would have to take back to the dealer. I believe to up grade to a 26EFI engine you are looking at big expense and Trouble because they are computer operated. I find the 20 HP has more than enough power for a 42" deck and believe any thing bigger than a 48" deck on a Walker to be a waste. Get a field cutter, Walker are fine turf machines designed for small properties. They worked great on the 3 and 4 K lawns we cut on canals front property. Anything bigger would not worked near as well.

Last Engines I purchased from Northern tool was over two years ago and if Memory serves me correct. 20 HP were $ 1200 and 25 HP were $ 1400 at that time. They are complete engines that you only need to add oil and gas to.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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