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Originally Posted by rosolar
What do you think its worth? I am guessing $3000-4000


I have the 1999 25 HP Walker GHS with a 42" deck and only around 500 hours maybe less. I would take $ 3,000 for it in a New York Second. I paid just at $ 10,000 for it tax title and license in 1999. Since I am in Florida it might not be the machine you are looking for, travel expenses would kill your cost factor

Walker are special Machines that not everyone wants. Therefore they don't hold their value. What many mowing guys don't realize that slower mowing speed with better trimming ability can make the total job be easier and faster. They get their real advantage on small compact properties. I only put a speed up kit on my first 16 HP walker which was under powered. The single cylinder just didn't have enough tork. To mow at any greater speed on a front runner causes the deck to bounce. One of the reason all the new faster mowers are Mid Mounts.

On large properties I would use the Walker to mow around objects to get close and use a mid mount mower on the open area for speed. Like I am trying to say Walker has a nitch were it does very well. Out side that Nitch it is not a competitive machine in today's market. In my case Walker fit the Nitch Market I sold to.

Fantasy Lawns has made a good suggestion that I would recommend you follow before spend your money. The dealer might also tell you what he would either pay or sell that mower for. I am a die hard Believe in the quality of a Walker and have had good success with them. BTW the newer Walkers have made some minor changes that make them hold up better. However they also have had some Dogs along the way.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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